Shawn Kanungo

Keynote Speaker

Innovation Strategist

Hyper cannibalism

Explosive Innovation

Shawn Kanungo

Strategy in a disruptive era

Shawn Kanungo is a strategist and keynote speaker and shares his hands-on experiences through talks around the world to help leaders navigate change within a digital era.


I operate at the intersection of creativity, business and technology. Being recognized nationally and globally for my work in innovation is a result of my obsession and passion for the space.

I see myself as a practitioner first and foremost - working hand-to-hand with hundreds of organizations throughout my career on their journey to digital transformation.

I work with corporate executives to better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation. I’ve adopted the concepts of behavioural economics, user-centered design, rapid prototyping, crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence, drones and film to help create world class client experiences.

I am also a proud father, husband and Canadian.