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Hyper cannibalism

Explosive Innovation

Shawn Kanungo

Strategy in a disruptive era

Shawn Kanungo is a strategist and keynote speaker and shares his hands-on experiences through talks around the world to help leaders navigate change within a digital era.

Dyversity: strategy in a world of disruption


introducing shawn’s experience

After 12 years at Deloitte, Shawn was on the ground floor leading the transformation of some of Deloitte Consulting’s own internal service lines, including the launch of our own innovation and digital agencies. In addition, leading efforts in dissecting marketing and advertising companies as potential acquisition opportunities for the Canadian firm.

Most of Shawn’s work has been centered around helping organizations with their digital transformation efforts, helping organizations adopt a “Digital DNA” and leveraging technologies to reimagine their businesses models and processes. Right now, we’re helping to scale a number of organizations by reinventing their businesses.

Description of Keynote: Strategy in a World of Disruption

Speed is now the new currency for agencies. In order to stay ahead, the best agencies are automating processes, accessing alternative talent models and rethinking their existing business models.


We are in a new era of change. It is forcing firms to reimagine how run their teams and drive innovation internally. How do we operate like a next-generation agency? Today, we need to be bold, brave and experimental. We can only keep up if we foster a relentless culture that promotes experimentation.


In this awe-inspiring talk, Shawn explores how Dyversity Communications can unlock its Digital DNA and become a next-generation agency. By taking unexpected approaches to internal transformation, we can prepare the agency for a world of disruption.


The Best Organizations Are The Most Vulnerable to Disruption

The global economy’s operating system is being rewritten. It now values agencies that are dynamic, lean and flexible. The organizations that are “nostalgic” get killed, and this is usually the most established organizations. We’ll dive deeper into how organizations reorganize their internal operations (business models, processes & structures) into innovative machines.


Exponential Employees

In this new era, one of the keys to internal transformation is designing an environment that fosters exponential employees.

We need to go on a journey on truly becoming exponential. This means focusing on developing capabilities, leveraging automation, unlocking ecosystems, continuously experimenting and going through a process of unlearning.

 Through real case studies, we’ll break down how employees can have a massive impact even with little resources, and how they should be structured within an agency.


Disruption of Consultancies & Agencies

Are we still in the “agency” business? Or are we in the business of “trust”?

Marketing agencies, advertising firms, consultancies, startups and the big technology firms are all now touting that they can deliver enterprise value to their clients. Combine the fact that information is commoditized, leading technologies and talent are now ubiquitous – many agencies are losing their core value propositions.

In the exponential era, we need to reorganize our efforts on garnering trust, delivering real value and developing dynamic talent.



Workshop Options

Workshop Topic #1: Digital DNA

•       Participants review the 23 traits of Digital DNA using posters on the wall and handouts at their tables

•       Participants review and discuss examples of each of the traits

•       Using definitions of the traits as context, participants volunteer the traits they believe would be highest priority to Dyversity

•       Participants in groups design next steps for digital transformation and discuss as a room


Workshop Topic #2: The Ten Types of Innovation Workshop

The objective of this workshop to learn how to disrupt yourself through the Ten Types of Innovation. We will look through the entire organization:


1.     Profit Model – How you make money

2.     Network – How you can connect with others to create value

3.     Structure – How you align your talent and assets

4.     Processes – How you use signature or superior methods to do your work

5.     Product Performance – How you employ distinguishing services

6.     Product System – How you can create complementary products and services

7.     Service – How you support and enhance the value of your offerings

8.     Channel – How you deliver your offerings to clients

9.     Brand – How you represent your offerings and businesses

10. Experience – How you foster distinctive interactions


At the end of the day, Dyversity will have gone through a series of exercises to identify innovation opportunities across the organization. They will develop a 6/6 plan (6 week/6 month) on how we can prioritize and implement your innovation opportunities.